Whether you own a grocery store, supermarket or a shop in farmer’s market, vegetable racks are what you need most to boost your sales.

Racking India is manufacturer of Vegetable racks and has been providing shelving solutions to stores & warehouses for years. Our experience as leading manufacturer of supermarket racks has gained us some insights into retail industry.

IMG_45031-300x214Some people think vegetable racks have no value on their own. They are use to dump vegetables only but supermarkets use these racks efficiently for many reasons. Some of the advantages & benefits are mentioned below which can be used to benefit your own business.

Vegetable Racks keep your produce fresh for longer time. One of the most beneficial aspect of using wire vegetable racks is your produce is fresher for longer periods thus reducing costs through lower wastage.

Vegetable Racks attract shoppers. When you enter a store, bright colors of veggies & fruits attract shoppers. In a relax mood, people buy more thus benefiting your store.

2.Vegetable-Rack-450x295Vegetable Racks are used for storing fruits or fresh baked products such as bread. The beautiful aroma of baked products trigger hunger in shoppers and compel them to buy food products.

Display is most important for shoppers to buy products and vegetable racks helps in displaying all your grocery and food produce to entice shoppers (link) to buy more food products.

Multi-tier Vegetable Racks allow you freedom to display products with many color or variety combinations. It is a well-known fact that shoppers only buy what they can see.

Vegetable Racks these days are made in modern designs, which allow a shopper, easy reach of the products. Shoppers do not like asking for help in picking up produce so easy reach would help in increasing your sales.

Modern Design Vegetable Racks
come with light fixtures that can be used for lighting effects. Shoppers tend to pick products with particular colors. Sales records indicated the customers bought more bananas if their peels were Pantone color 12-0752 (Buttercup) rather than the slightly brighter Pantone color 13-0858 (Vibrant Yellow). So with lights you can attract more customer to your fruit stands.

In conclusion, you should definitely invest in some good vegetable racks and benefits from them.

There are many types of vegetable racks available in the market but designs as well as durability should be the deciding factors in buying them.

Some of the advantages & features of vegetable racks

  1. Easy to assemble and disassemble
  2. Available with light, medium, and heavy carrying capacities
  3. High quality and stylish designs
  4. Most commonly used in all supermarkets
  5. Strong makeup as each layer can carry up to 150 kg
  6. Custom designs to suit different needs
  7. Available with light fixtures & cooling capability

Racking India is known for quality & trendy design vegetable racks. They are leading supermarket racks manufacturer with specialty in custom designed vegetable racks. Their products enhance the overall appeal of your store and provide ambience.

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