Visual merchandising plays an important role in sales and Gondola racks help you in effortless visual merchandising through modern, attractive, and flexible designs.

IMG_20150614_183315618Gondola racks are a type of freestanding display rack, used by retailers to display their products. In most countries, Gondola normally means double sided shop shelving.

With the advancement of retail, mom & pop stores faced huge competition from big supermarkets offering products at lower prices but eventually more supermarkets came and the competition to attract more and more shoppers increased. Supermarkets started using different marketing tactics to attract customers and to make them buy more. This led them to capitalize on human senses such as vision, smell, taste, music etc. to attract shoppers to spend more time while shopping and eventually spending more money.

DSC04645-300x214Displaying products is an important part of this tactic to attract customers. Colorful and modern design departmental racks are manufactured to not only display products but also attract customers through eye-catching colors, adding ambience and optimizing space.

Optimizing the store space to maximum as well as capture the eye of shoppers through clever positioning and easy reach of products, all led to use of Gondolas as the prominent display rack. Gondola Racks are often placed at the end of the aisle to be used as an End Cap, the popularity of this display can be understood by the extra charges brands pay to display their products at the End Cap.

These End Cap are believe to give brands a competitive advantage therefore Gondolas are very useful tool for every shop owner, big or small. These departmental racks are available in three styles.

  • Freestanding Gondola Racks – have two sides and used in the center of a store to create double sided aisles.
  • Wall Gondola Racks – have one side and are placed around the wall.
  • End Cap Gondola Racks – used at the end of an aisle, to create special displays.

Think before you invest in some Gondola shelves

While Gondolas are very beneficial, you should consider these factors before rushing off to buy some from a Gondola racks manufacturer.

Store Space – Sketch out a layout plan if you haven’t hired any professional, and take some dimensions. This would give you a general idea of the layout and the right dimension gondolas to buy.

Look & Feel – Finalist your store look before buying any display racks. The look of the store could be modern and chic, or classic or rustic wooden look. So buy gondolas that complement your store image. These days, gondolas are available in many varieties such as grid wire, racks, slats, wooden, steel etc.

Stocking Products – Visual merchandising is displaying product to attract through visuals. Therefore, keep in mind while piling the merchandise so that it does not appears loaded and hid other products.

Use Lights – Lights are very important as they enhance the color of fresh produce as well as manufactured products. So keep every gondolas well lit through clever lightings.

These are some of the factors; you should consider for making your store more attractive for shopkeepers with gondolas. This article is an attempt to educate retail storeowners on the benefits of gondolas, by Racking India, best Gondola racks manufacturer.

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